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Parts for Life

Saab leaves behind a great legacy. 70 years in the automobile industry and an iconic line-up of cars. Simply because Saab as an automotive brand has ceased to exist doesn’t mean its story is over. It still has a role to play, so do the caretakers and the champions of the Saab legacy. Because Saab cars on the road today are more important than ever, they are an endangered species. That makes them precious, unique and a rare part of automobile history. We need to make you and the owners of these cars understand that too.

We have created a campaign to educate about the importance of conservation, preservation, and diversity, not only of cars but of all things we share on this planet.

During the course of a year, donations generated by the campaign will be given to Nordens Ark, with the purpose to save endangered animals. It is our belief that there are similarities between Saab and the animals, they both need to be carefully looked after by the ones who care.

To keep the campaign sustainable and reinsure a long and healthy life for your car, we offer you a lifetime warranty on Saab Original parts fitted by us.

Read more about the campaign here.

Inspired by Parts for life, we will give you a lifetime warranty on Saab Original parts by us*. Treat your car and help us save endangered animals. Visit us and claim your lifetime warranty today. When your Original parts have been fitted, you will get an invoice which is used to trigger your lifetime warranty at

*terms and conditions apply. Please visit for more information